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Welcome to the home of the "new" Atomic Chillies.

The same recipies will be used for the sauces,

so your favourites will still taste as they did before,

but as a new team that are full of passion and enthusiasm,

we will bring new delicious chilli products into the range.


We will be updating this site in the near future

so stay tuned

Please do not place any orders via this site

as we will not be able to process them for a while!



Having bred some of our own Superhot Chilli varieties that have better flavours and more heat that those that are commonly available including Moruga Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, Butch T etc.

We use these in some of our sauces which is why they taste unlike any others on the market,


The Kamakazi is our new hottest chilli and blind taste tests

rank it as being up there with the Worlds Hottest!


The glowing heat of our new "Burn" Series of sauces

will have you glowing for ages.